Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mystery Items *COMING SOON*

I have not given up on my origami creations and jewelry, but I've decided to pretty much go another direction with my shop. The new products are underway, and I'll be sure to post them here first to get opinions and reactions before putting them in my shop, so I hope you will come back to check on them! :)

In other news, I've moved into my new apartment and I let my lifelong indoor cat out on the patio because it's a sort of quiet area. I'm concerned, however, because I don't want him running off, and he is driving me nuts meowing at the door since he had a taste of freedom. Anyone go through this before?


  1. My cat did the same when we moved a few years ago to an apartment with a balcony/patio area. Previously he had been an indoors only cat, content with sitting on the window sill. One morning, I couldn't find him, and I was frantic. I peered over the balcony, and five floors down was a mass of fur...I was ballistic! I went downstairs as quick as i could and jumped over the fence of the apartment that was on the ground floor screaming his name, and thinking my beloved was gone. Out of nowhere, i hear this huge MEEAAAOOOOOOOWWWWWWRRRRRRAAGGGGGGGHHHH!!!! Aside from a fractured leg, he's ok now..but lesson learnt. I now only let him out when supervised!!

  2. omg that's horrible! my cat has also fallen off a patio (4 storeys!) and i know the panic u felt, but he escaped with only a cut lip. this patio is on the ground floor so my new fear is that he'll get lost running off, but i'm getting more comfortable with it and he does come back for his din dins :p thanks for the story, i'm glad he's ok now.


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