Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Candlelight GLOW

With spring around the corner, nights will be warmer and gardens/patios will begin to return as a place for late night relaxation and entertainment. I wanted to feature some candle ideas, and these just struck me as ideal for a romantic/relaxing garden glow.

Water balloon luminaries just like these are super-easy to make and the result is professional and gorgeous. All you need is some wax and a balloon!

For the full photographic tutorial, click here! tutorial

If you get into the luminary mood, there are a lot of really interesting ideas floating around out there. One of them is the 'tin can luminary' which can project a really breathtaking design onto your walls. The possibilities are endless, because the project is extremely simple, and could be catered to suit all sorts of special events or interior themes.

For instructions on how to make a tin can luminary like these click here! tutorial

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