Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Short Bio

(picture features 'sweet pink crane earrings' from my store)

Just a short little history on why I do what I do :)
To begin, the reason I chose the pseudonym 'Haru-Dori' (which means "spring bird" in Japanese) was to pay homage to the dominant Japanese element of my art. I am not Japanese by heritage, but I do appreciate and respect the fact that I wouldn't be creating these designs if it weren't for that influence in my life.

I have been folding Origami since a trip I took to Japan (Chiba Prefecture) about 12 years ago. It was in a workshop there that I discovered how much I enjoyed folding paper.

For years and years, I collected books with many different diagrams, and found great reward in mastering everything from the traditional crane to the great stellated dodecahedron. However, with no lasting way to share my finished pieces, I ended up throwing most creations away, despite all my effort.

Recently, I was flipping through my collection of origami books, and the idea finally sparked that I could turn my hobby into something lasting to share with others.

So, that is what brings me here. :)

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  1. Beautiful work!! You are soooo talented. ~ Marge ~


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