Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mini Macro Studio Attempt

The pictures I've been taking of my jewelry have been causing me quite a bit of frustration. They really aren't doing the pieces justice, and I'm tired of telling people "Well, they look better in person..."

Here is an example of a dark image taken recently:

(this pair is available in my store if you are interested)

It's so hard to get that perfect sharp macro picture using lamps and pieces of paper, and it ends up taking me hours just to get a few shots done. The pictures are often taking longer to do than the items I'm shooting! So, I found a tutorial on how to make my own mini-macro studio using some UBER cheap supplies. I will be putting this together this evening and posting up pictures to show you what it has done for me. Check back for the 'after' pictures!

Here's the video I'm following (found all of this on the strobist blog:

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  1. That looks like light box...and for some reason earrings seem to be the hardest to photograph.. I have better pictures in the early morning light than in the afternoon. And yes sometimes it takes 20 shots just to get two that you can use...Looking forward to your after pictures. And yes I will be following your blog.....


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